Business Consulting Case Studies

Case 1: Maintaining records for a business with multiple locations
Our office worked with a medical clinic comprised of four (4) separate physical locations. The financial records of all four clinics needed to be readily available to each individual clinic.

We transitioned the data for all four medical clinics from desktop-based QuickBooks to the latest online cloud-based QuickBooks. As a result all four clinics, and our office, can now instantly and simultaneously access each clinics’ accounting records 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Case 2: Handling Payroll of Household Employees
A client’s aging parents needed in-home care. Our client was responsible for paying the household employees and was not comfortable doing so on their own.

Our office registered our client with all the appropriate state and federal agencies to ensure proper reporting of payroll and payroll reports. We also continue to provide our client with updated information on best practices and make sure that they are compliant for tax purposes.

Case 3: Initiating a payment plan with the IRS
Taxpayer owed the IRS money and wanted to enter into a payment plan with the IRS.

Our office worked with the client to obtain power of attorney, allowing Levno and Company to communicate with the IRS collections department on their behalf. We made sure that all the appropriate forms were completed accurately and timely. Doing so ensured our client got the best plan for their situation.