Tax Planning Appointments

Our office is strongly encouraging mid-year tax planning appointments. We’ll assess your current tax situation and build a road map to prepare you for your 2021 taxes. To schedule an appointment call (509) 926-2126.

Big Changes to the Child Tax Credit

This year, taxpayers claiming children as dependents will notice a big shift in how they receive the Child Tax Credit. The IRS is sending out Advance Payments of the credit starting July 15th, 2021. Interested in learning if or how these payments will affect your taxes? Give us a call to schedule a tax planning appointment!

Open Your Own Personal IRS Online Account

Our office supports the use of the IRS online portal. You can create an account at irs.gov. Having an account will enable you to:

  • Look Up the Amount you Owe the IRS
  • Schedule, Track, or Make Online Payments
  • View your Payment History
  • Access your Tax Records
  • View Digital Copies of Select notices from the IRS
  • Check to see what Address the IRS has on file for you.



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