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IRS Online Accounts

The IRS has created an option for taxpayers to better manage their accounts with the IRS. Setting up an account allows the taxpayer to:

  • View their tax balance
  • Make/view payments
  • Make/view payment plans
  • Manage communication preferences
  • Access Tax Records

Having an account, and access to its rewards, can help you and us save time. The latest stat shows 90% of calls to the IRS went unanswered during the 2022 filing season. Not having to call the IRS for basic things like getting copies of your tax transcripts or making tax payments will be a game changer. And you can make that happen by opening an online account. 

How do you set up an Account?

First, you’ll need to have photo identification and you’ll need a cellphone to take a selfie with.  I will wait while you gather what you need. 

 Next, you’ll follow the 6 steps below to create your account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “sign in to your Account”
  3. Click “Sign in to your Online Account”
  4. Click “ Create an Account”
  5. Follow the on screen instructions 
  6. Treat yourself to a coffee for a job well done!

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